Why Plant Heirloom Seeds?

There are many reasons as to why plant heirloom seeds, and many research sites are available as well as those types of sites that can allow you to order heirloom plant seed online.

You’ll find a wide assortment of heirloom seed, after all, many of the varieties in fruits and vegetables today were cultivated from these heirloom seeds. In fact, the nice thing about heirloom seed is the fact that they can cultivate themselves. This means that they produces seeds which you can then plan the next year. Many of the hybrid varieties of fruits and vegetables have had this ability genetically reduced, often giving a higher crop yield, but making the farmer purchased seeds or plants every year.

Many hobby farmers have planted heirloom plants because the heirloom varieties are very resistant to local pests and local weather. This makes them imminently suited for the area that the hobby farmer lives in and allows them to produce vegetables without pesticides, fertilizers, or even growth hormones. This keeps the hobby farmers vegetables and fruits organic, offering consumers a choice when it comes to their vegetable or produce purchase.

Also, the heirloom varieties often offer a variety of different flavors and different looks from the hybrid or often planted variety. Some of them are very unique looking, and others offer a flavor diversion from the normal type of vegetable or fruit giving them a unique niche in the market.

You’ll find the heirloom varieties come in a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables. Many hobby farmers are trying tomato plants as their first heirloom crop and many of them are finding that the different taste, texture, and look is very popular. Add in the resistance to local pest and drought as well as being able to produce their own seeds and these heirloom tomatoes are very efficient cost wise.

There are many different reasons as to why to plant heirloom seeds; fun, profit, and resistance are some of the reasons. Other reasons include being a part of saving a bit of history, as many of these heirloom seeds were close to extinction before they were brought back as heirloom plants. You can find heirloom seeds available for online purchase but be sure to research the site fully before you actually buy them.

Source by Karen Saffie

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