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Rexcon is an old line company that is well respected throughout the concrete production industry. They have produced quality equipment based on proven designs for a very long time. The company is most well known for their high production central mix paving plants, however they are pushing to become more well know in Ready Mix, Transit Mix and other types of wet and dry concrete plants.

The quality of Rexcon plants has always been good even as the brand has gone through ownership changes. In 2003, Rexcon was purchased by its Illinois based distributor and has enjoyed enough success to relocate in 2009 to a newly built 30 acre campus they boast as a showpiece. The Rexcon flagship plant is still the Model S, high production concrete paving plant, but under new ownership the company has expanded their line of portable and stationary concrete batching plants.

The overall core design of Rexcon’s most popular plants has changed very little. The Model S plant for example proved to be a reliable high production plant that was easily transported and erected. The overall design and construction of a newly constructed plant and an older plant are substantially the same. This is a testament to the quality of both design and construction of Rexcon plants. Conversely, the company has been criticized by some for their reluctance to move toward emerging design and technologies such as twin shaft mixing.

The pricing of new Rexcon plants tend to be in line with similar plants manufactured by well respected and proven companies. Rexcon plants are not cheap by any stretch, but when considering their proven design, high production rates, and quality construction their pricing is acceptable. Pricing of used Rexcon plants can vary according to the age and condition of the plant.

Older Rexcon plants more commonly than others are refurbished or rebuilt completely. While most concrete plants are maintained and have parts and components replaced as needed, it is not uncommon to find a used Rexcon plant that has been completely refurbished and is in “like new” condition. These completely refurbished systems cost much more than a used system that has years of operation and has not been rebuilt.

Comparing pricing of used Rexcon plants to other brands can prove tricky. If a customer is comparing a used normal output volume central mix plant to a model S central mix plant of similar year, the Rexcon will appear more expensive, but it is important to remember the output volume of the Model S is likley much higher than a normal central mix plant. It is important to consider all of the variables when considering a Rexcon plant with other manufacturers. The availability of Rexcon equipment is consistent. The market does not typically offer more than a few Rexcon models; and when a reasonable priced plant becomes available they usually sell quickly.

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