Need a Concrete Batching Plant?

No matter if you are in construction or design and are looking for a sound solution to all your batching and mixing needs, there are batching plants that have you covered no matter how small or large your requirements are. There are various different options that include production cycles of around two minutes that can deliver around 250 liters per cycle or vertical concrete production which is ideal for pre mixed concrete that can be transported in a mixer that is well suited to the precast industry. There are also pre cabled and pre assembled concrete that is transportable in a mobile container and plants that have turbo mixers that include a hydraulic scraping arm that aggregates and discharges and includes control displays.

There are batching plants well suited for high quality and production that can be equipped with two simultaneous vehicle loading mixer points and mobile plants that have superb on-site capabilities that can also be fitted with an optional weight load system and is able to mix quality concrete that can be pumped. Concrete batching plant also offers batch plant mobile concrete dispensers, SAMI and mobile dry batchers. Everything is pre mixed at these plants, based on the client’s need which means no raw materials and no wastage at the construction site. Concrete batching is properly mixed as opposed to hand mixed concrete that is more often than not inconsistent.

Construction work can be done much quicker as there is no disruption in the schedule when using ready mixed concrete. When the ready mixed concrete is delivered, a well equipped technical crew handles the pouring and patching at the site, which means you do not have to manage any labor on site. When using traditional concrete, this involves the use of labor for mixing as well as management that takes up more effort, time and money. Also available for construction are mobile dry batcher’s that comes with a digital readout panel, single bin and conveyor unit that is mounted on a solid frame with an electric drive. This option is manually loaded with a front end loader that can be attached to a bin feeder system or cement silo.

There are also mobile and stationary presses available as well as conveyors and mixers. Eliminate time consuming and labor intensive processes, the dosing line feeds and fills moulds automatically with the exact amount of mix, that ensures accurate mould charging and the cycle takes around ten seconds to complete. A user friendly mobile mixer that is popular is the BG400 that provides easy loading and removal using a control wheel and allows a 360 degree rotation, and there is a model suitable for tractors.

Source by Phillip Noyce

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