How to Plant Sexual Ideas in a Woman’s Mind – And Make Her to Desperately Want to Sleep With You!

Almost all men will agree that they want a ‘lady in the streets, but a tiger in the sheets’, but what they don’t know is that it is actually possible to turn any girl into a sexual predator, provided you know the right tricks and tactics, that is. Some seduction experts have even claimed to turn catholic schoolgirls into sex crazed nymphomaniacs that will jump almost any man they see. What if I told you that in this article, I’ll be teaching you how to do just that? Will you read on? Well, do so now, then.

“Set The Scene”. Occasionally, it’s nice to set the mood beforehand This does not mean that the sex needs to be planned or anything, but so long as you make romantic hints and gestures throughout the day, she’ll get the hint. Telling her she looks hot in that dress or that you like the clothes she’s in or coming up behind her and hugging her while kissing her neck will all remind her of both of your sexual needs.

“Plant The Idea of Sex”. If you just spring the idea of sex on a girl out of nowhere, she’s much more inclined to reject you outright or, in the worst case scenario, dump you completely. If you bring it on her gradually, though, by making lots of sexual innuendos right from the get go, you could end up preparing her for it and as a result, make it less likely for her to reject you. When you talk to her, make sure that you include a sexual innuendo every once in a while, so that she’s fully aware of the animalistic primal side of you. Be warned, however; if you do it too much, there’s a danger she’ll assume you’re just with her for the sex!

Source by Derek Rake

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