Growing Indigo Plants – How to Grow and Car For an Indigo Plant

The best way to grow an Indigo Plant:

The Indigo plant is relatively easy to grow from seed. Keep it in a warm, bright location will ensure it success. As far as indoors plants are concerned, you can’t go wrong adding the indigo to your houseplant collection.

The history:

The indigo plant has been used in India dating back to fourth century B.C. One of first known use of indigo plant was dye made from the stems and leaves. Art and craft hobbyist still make use of the dye in various projects. The dye is commonly used in ink paint and to color different fabrics.

How To Start An Indigo Plant from Seed:

In May, spread the seeds in a large saucer, tray or plate. Add light layer of compost so that the seeds are completely covered. Next, you want to place a cover on top to maintain the ideal temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare a pot with a quality soil. Once the seeds have germinated, replant them into the pot and lightly water. As the plant grows larger, so should the pots they are kept in.

A loam based gardening soil is ideal for these plants. As with all plants grown in containers or pots, good drainage is a must. The indigo will do best in a sun room or windowsill where direct sun is available for hours at a time.

Care for older Plants:

As the plant matures, it develops pretty pink flowers that are sure to enhance your favorite room’s decor. To increase the flowers your indigo produce, feed it a high potassium fertilizer. Fertilizers of this type are readily available at home improvement centers or nurseries.

Source by Steve Charles Habib

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