Feng Shui Plants – Two of Your Best Choices For Growing Good Fortune

When selecting Feng Shui plants for your home or office, there are two plants in particular that you will want to have for good fortune and long term success luck. In this article we’ll cover what they are, some tips for care and a few of the beneficial locations.

1. Lucky Bamboo or bamboo plant. The “Lucky Bamboo” plant is noted for retaining the positive energetic qualities you desire in a plant. Lucky Bamboo (which, interestingly enough…is not actual bamboo!) grows best in water and thrives well in containers that have stones or pebbles, rather than soil. The plant needs a fair amount of indirect light and requires little direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves to yellow.

In Feng Shui, bamboo has long been regarded as a strong symbol of good fortune and tenacity. Because the plant thrives relatively easily, with little hands on maintenance, it retains a quality of independence and easy growth which strongly supports career and business success. It is an ideal plant for people who don’t have a green thumb, but still want the living cure benefits of a healthy lucky plant in close proximity.

You can order Lucky Bamboo online, but chances are you will be able to locate an appropriate plant at major retail stores in your area. Be sure the plant you choose is healthy–avoid plants that have yellow leaves or stalks. Bamboo plants are strong, but they do need adequate water and the occasional dose of plant food in order to thrive long term.

Good placements for bamboo plants are in your office, in the career area and also in the wealth corner. If you choose a smaller plant, a good location is on your desk toward the back left corner. The plant embodies new growth and opportunities…exactly the type of energy you want for your career or business!

2. Invite Feng Shui money plants into your life. There are two plants that are considered “money plants” and have gained the reputation of attracting wealth for their owners and for the businesses they grace with their presence. The first is known formally as ‘Pachira’.

This Feng Shui plant embodies and harmoniously blends the five elements, creating a powerful living cure capable of attracting great wealth. The plant is not appropriate for a desktop though, as it can grow to be quite large. It is often displayed in corners of rooms where it can easily arouse and clear any stale energies residing there. This money plant does not require a lot of extra care–just the average amount of watering and indirect sunlight.

The second Feng Shui plant associated with money and wealth is a biennial known scientifically as “lunaria annua”. Most appropriate for the wealth corner of your garden, this plant is one that self propagates readily, symbolizing the multiplication of money. The seed pods are a popular favorite when composing dried flower arrangements, giving you the ability to transport a touch of wealth indoors!

All Feng Shui plants symbolize new growth, vitality and vibrant life, naturally providing the energy for success and opportunities. See where you can apply these powerful living plant cures to your needy areas and enjoy the results!

Source by Ling Meng

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