Aloe Vera – Pros And Cons Of This Plant

Aloe vera is a very popular plant. Thanks to its wide range of health applications. Its benefits have been known for centuries. But it was only lately that its uses have been greatly introduced to the market. Through its highly publicized benefits, a lot of people now are looking for a product that contains such. You can obtain this plant as a juice, gel or powder.

But before you go and look for an aloe drink, powder or gel, you must know its pros and cons first.


1. Treat constipation

This is one of the best things about this plant. It encourages proper elimination of waste, especially if you are constipated. However, when you sip it, you should not expect instant results. You will need to wait for at least an hour or so to get things going.

But do not rely on this natural constipation treatment for so long as it can be dangerous to your intestinal lining.

2. Stimulate metabolism

Some weight loss experts do encourage their trainees to drink at least a cup of this plant’s juice once or twice a week to stimulate their metabolism. By stimulating your metabolism, your body tends to burn more calories faster than its normal range.

3. Activates immune system

The juice of aloe vera has the ability to activate immune system. Thus, it makes it an effective agent in enhancing your immune function to further help in fighting against HIV-AIDS and some types of cancer.

4. Reduce blood sugar levels

It is not clear yet as to how it can lower someone’s blood sugar. However, in early researches, scientists suggested that somehow it can lower the sugar levels of those suffering from type-2 diabetes. Then again, thorough research must be conducted to better understand its effects on blood sugar. This is because studies performed have conflicting results.

5. Lower blood cholesterol

Taking aloe vera internally can lower cholesterol, according another study. But, just like its effects on blood sugar levels, more studies are needed to know how such plant provide this type of benefit.

6. Reduce inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant can help in reducing the inflammation and irritation caused by burns and wounds. Now, this has been proven by a lot of users of this plant. Although it does not treat those wounds instantly, it can speed up healing time. However, contrary to what other people believe, it does not remove scars.

7. Detoxify the body

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of aloe vera can help in cleansing your body and eliminating harmful chemicals that have been accumulated in your system.

How about its cons?

Even though it has plenty of health benefits, this plant does have some side effects that you must know of. For instance, excess consumption can cause diarrhea, dehydration and stomach upset. It may lower blood pressure level. So, if you are hypotensive, you need to be careful as it might cause further reduction to the point that it becomes fatal.

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