Superheroes: Then And Also Now

Superheroes: Then And Also Now

Unless mentioned or determined on the contrary, I assume that hidden under any plateful of mythological spaghetti lays a tidbit of an actually meaty meatball. Alas, our modern-day superheroes have been determined to the contrary – they are all meatball-less pure mythical pasta. Superman (and also Supergirl as well), Batman (and Robin), Tarzan, Marvel Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, The Phantom, Buffy, Van Helsing, James Bond, and multi-dozens more are meatball-less.

Modern superheroes, those with capacities off the beaten track, may likewise consist of those with extraordinary mental and/or observational capabilities as opposed to pure superpowers, brawn or sports skills – instances could include Sherlock Holmes, Perry Mason, Miss Jane Maple or Hercule Poirot; probably those with a quick weapon like Paladin (TV’s “Have Gun – Will Travel”). Unfortunately, they as well are meatball-less fictional pasta.

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The texts from superheroes of yesteryear when folklore presumably ruled really did not have real superpowers unless they were deities obviously. Even after that the deity’s powers faded compared with our modern superheroes – a little bit of lights bolt chucking below; a little shape-shifting there (though that’s a very cool superpower). Even most of the gods required chariots to obtain about, or horses or they had to hoof it themselves. There were a couple of exceptions like Hermes (Mercury to the Romans) that had special state-of-the-art winged shoes as well as a winged helmet.

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Getting rid of that classification – the ‘gods’ – the continuing to be superheroes of old times didn’t have real superpowers (X-ray vision, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet speeds) or super-ultra state-of-the-art devices like jetpacks as well as cars like the Batmobile or rings like Eco-friendly Light’s to assist them. They did have powers, generally nerves-of-steel and/or substantial strength. Were they as imaginary, as meatball-less as our modern day superheroes?