Best casino games to play online for fun and profit

Best casino games to play online for fun and profit

Thinking of heading to the casino for the first time ever, but have no idea what to play? There are plenty of options available, but to help you out, we’ve picked four of our favourites – give them a try, and above all, have fun!

(1) Slots

Want to gamble without putting too many brain cells to work? Slot machines are the easiest way to game, whether you are online or in a real world casino.

It’s so simple – just feed the machine a bill, size up your bet, and pull the lever (or push the button). If the symbols on your machine make complete lines in accordance with the game’s rules, you win a multiple of your bet back.

Occasionally, three or more special symbols called scatters will hit the reels, sending you to a free spin or bonus round. It is here where you can walk away with some serious cash – with multiplier symbols, wildcards, and other special features adding fuel to the fire, a good run can fund an awesome night out with friends.

For these reasons, online slots are becoming more popular, as free spins are a staple of the game in this gaming arena. Unlike real world casinos, they also accept cryptocurrency, allowing owners of e-coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum to run up their stashes at any time of the day or night.

It can be hard to know who trust, though – that’s why resources like are so critical. Quickly becoming the watch-dog of crypto gambling industry, this site goes to the trouble of vetting new sites, featuring only those that prove to be legit.

Give it a look today if you’re a crypto enthusiast – it may just introduce you to your new favourite gaming spot on the web.

(2) Blackjack

Looking for a gambling game with a bit more skill involved? Blackjack attracts the attention of many players for this reason, as knowing when to hit, stay, split, or double down can greatly effect your long-term results.

However, unless you are a math whiz who can count cards (and the casinos keep a sharp lookout for them), this game still does have a house edge. If you don’t know the first thing about poker or sport betting, though, this game cuts down on the deep losing streaks that occasionally affect slot players.

Best casino games to play online for fun and profit

(3) Sports betting

Watched hockey, basketball, football, or other sports as long as you can remember? Put your knowledge to work at your favourite casino’s sportsbook. Here, bookies set lines according to where they think punters will put their money.

If, in your opinion, certain lines are over or undervalued, you can bet accordingly and make money in the long run – who ever said watching the game was a waste of time?

(4) Poker

Unlike the games in the pit that carry its name, true poker, played against other players, can be a very profitable game in the long run. It is also one of the most strategy dense games in the casino – sit on the right of a skilled player, and your life will be miserable.

However, by studying basic strategy and paying attention, you should be able to target enough weaker players to make money on most nights.